“At times our own light goes out!”


“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

Albert Schweitzer

I have always found that I must first: be exposed to new knowledge and new experiences in order to awaken a passion within that motivates me to take ongoing, focused action. One such passion was ignited when I came upon the WEALTHY AFFILIATE website back in February 2016. I wanted to learn the knowledge and skills required to build a website and hopefully earn some extra income.

In the past four years the value of the knowledge, skills, and the individuals I have made friends with at Wealthy Affiliate <https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/rogerhumbke>, has greatly exceeded any monetary reward and time required to achieve my results. My attempt to monetize has not been successful, but that is okay, as I have continued to become less concerned with the outer material world and more concerned with my inner/universal consciousness and spiritualism.

My first attempt, the Family History/Family Tree website https://humbke.com, has cost me even more than belonging to Wealthy Affiliate, but the returns have been absolutely fantastic. I have come to know and reconnect with relatives both living and in the “After Life” that gives new meaning to my life. The next two websites were more of an attempt to self-motivate efforts to do deep research. as well as educate others, in Lucid Dreaming and Blockchain Technology. My latest website on Benefits From Using Psychedelics resulted in research and familiarity with these topics for the past two years

A group of educated professional authors has re-lit the flames, that now burns brightly, within for improved knowledge, skills, and experiences in the fields of Out of Body Experiences, Past Lives, Near Death Experiences, Lucid DreamingSelf-Hypnosis, and Spiritualism. In addition, I was fortunate to meet and become friends with Konrad, my good 31-year-old millennial friend who has supported me on my path to spiritualism. At age 76 I continue to search for a tribe of individuals, of any age, who have an open, questioning mind with similar interests.

The following are the authors I spend my days researching and gaining new relevant skills.

Michael Pollan –“HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MIND” 2018

Michael Singer – “THE UNTETHERED SOUL: The Journey Beyond Yourself” 2007 



Rene Bastarache – HYPNOTHERAPY CERTIFICATION: Training Manual from A – Z” 2005







William Buhlman & Susan Buhlman “HIGHER SELF NOW: Accelerating Your Spiritual Evolution” 2016

Michael Newton “JOURNEY OF SOULS” 1994

Michael Newton “LIFE BETWEEN LIVES: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression” 2004


  1. Lucie

    Hello Roger, Thank you for for your wonderful, highly engaging post. I absolutely love the quote by Albert Schweitzer, about others rekindling our flame inside us. I start every day with a visualisation that includes a wish that I could serve as one of these ‘flame-lighters’. I also enjoyed your description about your journey, and about the wide scope of your interests. All these fields are fascinating to me. For example, Near Death Experience: I read Raymond Moody’ ‘Life After Life’ when I was nine and it made a complete sense to me even then. Recently I read another fascinating book on the same topic – ‘Proof of Heaven’ by a neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander (much recommended!), about his own experience. He had been a complete sceptic before he went through the NDE. His book has been endorsed, and has a preface by, Raymond Moody himself. And I know a few people personally, who have experienced this state and returned completely changed, living their lives to the full and appreciating every second of the miracle that life is. Thanks again for such an interesting read! 

    1. Roger Humbke

      Hello Lucie,

      Your review is much appreciated and I thank you for “adding fire to my flame”. The main advantage for me of belonging to Wealthy Affiliates is the support of peers like yourself. 

      It is interesting I have Raymond Moody as the next author I will read. Now I know what book I will choose to start with – “Life After Life”. I am presently reading two books by Michael Newton “Life Between Lives” and “Journey of Souls” – both are fantastic.

      I hope to connect with you on Wealthy Affiliate.

      Roger Humbke 

  2. Konrad

    Thanks for your post Roger, I definitely resonate with your experience of wealthy affiliate. It is not necessarily the final goal that we achieve that is important. But everything that comes along the journey of reaching that. And that can be worth more than the goal itself.

    1. Roger Humbke

      Hi Konrad,

      So True! I am enjoying what my earthly life has to offer.

      Roger Humbke


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