Out-of-Body or Near-Death Experience?

In 1975 I fell on my hand while roller-skating with my young step-daughter and step-son in Regina, Saskatchewan. I chipped a bone in my elbow which caused my arm to twist with great pain.

Later that day, I passed out in a doctor’s office, and the next thing I knew my head was in corner of the ceiling of his office. I noticed 2 men and a nurse looking at a body laying on the floor. As I got a better look at the body I realized it was me and the nurse was saying to the doctor, “You had better do something or your going to lose him”.

At that moment I was terrified and made an extreme attempt to get back into my physical body. The next thing I knew I was laying on the floor in my body saying, “Don’t worry, I am back and not going anywhere”.

I now doubt I would have died, but my belief in such experiences has changed to knowledge. In the past 5 years I have been researching alternate consciousness and am now way less concerned with the outer material world and making money, and more determined to gain skills to change my beliefs to knowledge about the inner world and afterlife.

You are welcome to share your experiences or comments below or on my web sites describing the methods (lucid dreaming, out-of- body experiences, near death experiences, hypnosis; sound technology; breath work, meditation, yoga, chanting, drumming, singing bowls etc) that you have used to access your alternate consciousness.

If your ready, it’s time to come out of the the alternative conscious closet and reap the benefits.


  1. Imelda


    That is an interesting article especially as my mother told me this weekend about an experience that she had about the garden plants attacking her. She said that it was real and had nothing to do with what she was watching that day. I also asked if she had eating late at night which she had not. I did give my mum some Guided Sleep Meditation to do prior to going to sleep to help get into a deep sleep quicker. She is adamant that it is real!

    Perfect timing that I can share with her.

    Thank you 

    1. Roger Humbke


      Thank you for sharing your mother’s story. To the individual who experiences a paranormal event, they are just as real as any other event that happens to them. They need to be supported.

      It is only in the last 30 to 40 years that our best Western universities have treated research into the benefits of lucid dreaming, paranormal psychology, etc. with the respect they deserve. Quantum Physics, which is a challenge for the average layperson to understand, now validates what was once considered impossible or witchcraft.

      In my opinion, we should keep an open mind and pay more attention to our inner world than our outer material world.

      I would suggest that we in the West should discuss dreams, immortality, and alternate consciousness with the respect shown in Ancient and Eastern cultures. We have a lot to learn.


  2. Patricia Bracy

    This site is great for those seeking to find answers to questions they have about lucid dreaming. I read your outer body experience in 1975 and was reminded of one I had in 1979. The difference is that my experience did not result from a fall or an injury. I was lying in bed preparing to go to sleep when I began to experience the feeling of disconnecting. While I did not feel frighten at that time, it was a while before I could get relaxed in the bed as I was frightened that the same thing would happen again. Anyway, the experience changed my life as I heard a voice say, “It’s not time. I have work for you to do.” Thanks for preparing and sharing this site as I know there are many people who have had or are having similar experiences.

    1. Roger Humbke

      Hi Patricia,

      I appreciate you sharing your story. Some of these experiences seem still as real as the day they were experienced many years ago. Their importance seems to increase as I age. 

      Roger Humbke


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