How Seniors can learn to begin Lucid Dreaming

The best way to LEARN HOW TO LUCID DREAM depends on the individual. You can learn it on your own, but most Baby Boomers & Seniors learn the skills best by belonging to a small group of individual with that same goal. I have developed skills on my own but now want to organize a group to further my progress.

WHAT: Edmonton Seniors Lucid Dreaming Group (Beginners)

WHEN: As soon as 4 to 7 individuals show an interest. Thursdays 9:00 to 10:30 AM

WHERE: SAGE "Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton"  15 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton AB, T5J 2E5

WHY: To improve personal and mental wellness; spur personal development; enhance creativity; connect with ancestors; and especially to energize your waking life.

HOW: By learning to remember dreams; keeping a dream journal; gaining the necessary knowledge and skills; developing a supportive attitude; and practising.

Contact me at or call 780-782-6277 if you are interested in learning how Seniors can learn Lucid Dreaming through either this web site or a live group of Seniors in Edmonton, Alberta.



  1. Penelope

    Lucid dreaming is so fun. I don’t have much experience with it, but I’d like to cultivate more. I like your idea of targeting seniors for this process. It seems to me that more life experience would only help the lucid dreams be better, and you would probably have a lot of clarify inside the dream as well. Good luck with the group!

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thanks so much for the reply. Every bit of encouragement provide motivation to continue. I have been unable to contact you through Wealthy Affiliate. Please contact me there.

      Roger Humbke

  2. Louise Barry-Taylor

    Wow, Lucid Dreaming is something so far removed from my reality! Makes for very interesting and challenging reading. The closest I have ever been to Lucid Dreaming is a movie I watched many years ago, called Dreamscape and the idea of controlling my dreams really did appeal to me at that time.

    Your website is clearly laid out and intriguing.

    Wishing you every bit of success!

    Warm regards and blessings

    1. Roger Humbke

      Hi Louise,
      I tried to find you on Wealthy Affiliate or thru your website, but was unsuccessful so hope you reply to this message.

      Thanks for the comment. I will continue with my research of Lucidimine. If you take a look, I changed the beginning of the post in order to make my purpose more clear.

      Thanks and best regards,


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