#10 Prof Humbke (Report on Wim Hof) 07-01-2021.docx WIM HOF

#10 Prof Humbke (Report on Wim Hof) 07-01-2021.docx

WIM HOF METHOD – Cold Showers

(Active Your Full Human Potential)

My reason for ordering the “Win Hof Method” book by Wim Hof was because I had heard and seen on the Internet that COLD SHOWERS would strengthen my immune system and help provide protection against COVID-19. Being over the age of 75 the media has been telling me constantly that: I needed all the protection I could get; to wear a mask; and to STAY AT HOME.

The book arrived from Amazon for $35.09 Canadian and I started reading plus listening to Win Hof on both his website and YouTube.

If you think this is only for masculine men just check out what these women in Australia are doing. https://thelatch.com.au/wim-hof-retreat/

And if you think cold showers are for only adult men and women, check out what they do in Siberian Kindergarten to combat

viruses and keep children healthy.

and their babies. 

Before starting my daily evening COLD showers prior to going to bed, recorded my Blood Pressure and Heart Beat each morning for 5 days (Dec. 15 – 19, 2020). My Average readings were:

Average High Blood Pressure (Systolic) – 123.6 mm Hg

Average Low Blood Pressure (Diastolic) – 78.2 mm Hg

Average Heart Beat – 76.2 Beats per minute

The Average readings for males of my age are:

Average High Blood Pressure (Systolic) – 95 – 145 mm Hg.

Average Low Blood Pressure (Diastolic) – 70 – 90 mm Hg.

Average Heart Beat –  60 to 80 Beats per minute

The Average readings (Dec 19 to Jan 5, 2021)dec for GRANDPA HUMBKE age 77 years:

Average High Blood Pressure (Systolic) – 125.7 mm Hg. (+2.7 since taking cold showers)

Average Low Blood Pressure (Diastolic) – 63.6 mm Hg  (-14.6 since taking cold showers)

Average Heart Beat – 67.8 Beats per minute (-8.4 beats per minute since taking cold showers)

High Blood Pressure-130   Low Blood Pressure-67  Heart Beat-56           05/01/2021


1. Higher level of altertness.

2. Reduces stress and anxiety.

3. Reduces weight.

4. Strengthens immune system.

4. Tightens the skin and decreases itching. Glowing skin and hair.

5. Improves blood circulation andd reduces high blood pressure 
   (75% of North American adults age 60+ have high blood pressure.).

6. Increase white blood cells which protect body against illnesses.

7. Beneficial to mind. Strengthens your will power.

8. Use less energy (electricity/natural gas).

9. Use less water (showers are shorter than those using hot water).

8.  Cold showers will reduce high blood pressure. 

Three of  the most obvious difference for me are: 1. my feet are no longer cold at night; 2. I go to sleep easier; 3. My heart is beating 12,096 times LESS per day than it was before (8.4 X 60 min. X 24 hrs = 12,096) and should last a lot longer.  It   is common sense to me that my heart is a muscle and if it were to beat millions of time less in the first 50 years it would be much stronger and last another 50 years, 

There is a lot of debate about whether a cold shower is best in the morning or at night. Most favour an invigorating cold shower in the morning because it improves your mental alterness and emotional well being. It can also take the place of a cup of coffee. 

A hot shower at evening followed by turning the heat  down during the last minute or so seems to aid in easing sore muscles and recovery from exercise.

Starting your day with an invigorating cold shower has long-lasting benefits to improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Likewise, hot showers are perfect to ease sore muscles and recover from exercise.

I can not deny that it still takes willpower to stand in the coldest water available without adding ice, but I believe it  will become a habit with time. When I quit smoking it took 3 to 5 years before I totally lost the  urge to smoke.

According to HealthLine.com. 

“The ideal way to take a cold shower is to ease in to the habit.

Start by slowly lowering the temperature at the end of a usual shower. Get the water cold enough that you start to feel uncomfortable. Then, stay underneath the water for 2 or 3 minutes. Breathing deeply will help decrease your discomfort in your mind. The next time you try this exercise, make the water slightly colder. Try to last for another minute or two in the colder water. After performing this activity 7 to 10 times, you’ll find that you might even look forward to turning the hot water down.”

I will be adding Win Hof breathing exercises to my daily routine and reporting back in 2 months time on March 11, 2021 with an update on Cold Showers; Breath Work; and Increased Mental Clarity, Focus and Creativity.

Next week on January 14, 2021 I will introduce you to my passion to complete a 4D Puzzle of a major city; read the most comprehensive historical novel on that  city; and then visit the city with Fanny for 10 days. 

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