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In the 1980’s PhD Stephen performed experiments at Cambridge University that scientifically proved that individuals could become aware of when they were in a dream and could control what happens in those dreams. Before dreaming, in the West, was widely considered as fantasy and regarded to be unsuitable as an academic pursuit. Now Lucid Dreaming has quickly become a major interest of Western Universities and their students.

The Indian philosopher, Mahadevan, said that the biggest difference between the Eastern and Western cultures in philosophy was that the West’s view of reality consisted of one state of consciousness referred to as the ‘waking state’ and the East’s view was that there were many states of consciousness, including dreaming and sleeping.

Andrew Holecek, in his book “Dream Yoga” describes the opportunity that exists similar to that during the Age of European Exploration (1450 to 1650). The difference is lucid dreaming explores the inner world whereas the Age of Exploration discovered the outer world.


               “We spend more time in bed than any other single place, dead to the outer world, but potentially alive to an exciting inner world.

                About a third of our lives is lost in this inner space, and up to six years is spent in the dream world. From the cozy cradle to the

                nestled grave some of the most momentous events of life occur on the mattress: we have ecstatic sex, give joyful birth, get

                 miserable sick, and often die in bed. But the opportunities for psychological and spiritual evolution that are available in bed are

                 even more momentous. Given the proper tools, turning off outer experiences allows us to turn on breathtaking inner ones.”


Most Western countries claim a 55% rate of individuals who know of and have had a lucid dream but that rate varies greatly with age. Younger people, millennials and generation X (born before 1965) may have a lucid dream participation rate around 70% knowledgeable about and involved in having at least one lucid dream . This is partially due to their experience and expertise with computer gaming, artificial worlds and artificial intelligence. Those born in 1965 or later (baby boomers and the silent generation) may have a rate more around 30%.

What are the reasons to join a “Seniors Lucid Dreaming Group”?

The knowledge and skills gained make possible the following:

  • increased physical and mental wellness as we age;

  • spur self growth and  personal development;

  • peak performance in sports and activities;

  • enhanced creativity in the sciences and arts;

  • connecting with ancestors and the divine; and

  • re-energize waking life.

The plan is to gather 4 to 7 individuals who are motivated to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to explore the world of dreaming with the goal of experiencing their first lucid dream or expand that ability. Meeting will be held on a weekly or biweekly basis for a period of 3 to 4 months.. No experience is required and there will be no charge unless to cover the cost for a meeting space and individual learning materials.

My reason for organizing this group in Edmonton, Alberta is to further develop my lucid dreaming skills through facilitating and participating in the group activities.

Contact Roger Humbke at 780-782-6277 or email for further information.





  1. Netta

    Hey Roger:

    Thanks for this post. What a cool idea and a fun adventure to explore the world of dreaming.

    The thing about lucid dreaming is this: you get to wondering which one’s real — the day-time world you inhabit or the one where you go when you dream. This is an interesting place to put your head, I am thinking….

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Netta,

      Thanks for the comment.

      It is time for us to become aware of the other states of consciousness besides what is called awake or awareness consciousness. Like you say, dreams and especially lucid dream are a fun place to explore and the can tremendously enrich your total life.

      I am especially interested in lucid dreams where I can communicate with ancestors and relatives that are deceased, even if it is only a recollection of memories stored in my mind.



  2. Kinzy Basha

    Hello, my name is Kinzy. I’m doing a school project on lucid dreaming and wonder if you could help me answer some questions about it. If possible, could you email me? Thanks 🙂

    1. Roger Humbke

      I would be glad to help you. Email me at

  3. Roger Humbke

    Hi Kinzy,

    Tell me a little more about yourself and where you live? I always believe we should take the time to know each other.

    Roger Humbke


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