“LIFE AFTER DEATH” ‘You’ll be greeted by loved ones when you die’


This is the written portion of the article on “LIFE AFTER DEATH” by Sean Martin, plus 4 visuals. It was originally published on Wed. July 15, 2010.

It is taken from the July 17, 2020 issue of the Daily Express UK which is a right-wing, daily newspaper published in London. By going to


you can access two short videos that are part of the article.

  1. 1. 48 seconds: Dr. Sam Parina explains what happens when you die.
  2. 2. 3 minutes: Journalist, Leslie Kean, discusses evidence of the afterlife.

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Roger Humbke


Life after death: Scientist explains what ACTUALLY happens when you die

A WORLD renowned doctor has revealed to the world what it is like to die and says the process is “peaceful” and “pleasant”.


PUBLISHED: 06:01, Wed, Jul 15, 2020 | UPDATED: 07:24, Wed, Jul 15, 2020


Dr. Sam Parnia, director of critical care and resuscitation research at NYU Langone School of Medicine in New York City, said dying is “very comfortable”.

And the doctor said people who have had a near-death experience sometimes describe encounters with deceased relatives but insists the sensation is not evidence of the afterlife.

Regarding the physical process, Dr. Parnia told a recent Oz Talk: “Death is a process, it is not a black and white moment.

“The final result is we have a deduction of oxygen that gets inside the brain when we are about to die and that causes our brain circuits to shut down and we become unconscious to the outside world.

People experience calmness and peacefulness (Image: GETTY)

“When the heart stops, all life processes go out because there is no blood getting to the brain, to the kidneys, and liver and we become lifeless and motionless and that is the time that doctors use to give us a time of death.”

But the doctor, who has authored several studies and books on the subject of death, said there is a mental process, which has left survivors of near death experiences longing for death again.

Dr. Parnia, who has brought thousands of patients back from the brink, said: “When we die, that experience is not unpleasant for the vast majority of people.

“For those of us who die naturally, even if we were in pain before we die, the process of death becomes very comfortable, it is very blissful, peaceful.

“People describe the sensation of a bright, warm, welcoming light that draws people towards it.” (Image: GETTY)

“They describe a sensation of experiencing their deceased relatives, almost as if they have come to welcome them. They often say that they didn’t want to come back (to life) in many cases, it is so comfortable and it is like a magnet that draws them that they don’t want to come back.

“A lot of people describe a sensation of separating from themselves and watching doctors and nurses working on them.

“A lot of people describe a sensation of separating from themselves” (Image: GETTY)

They can hear things and record all conversations that are going on around them.

“Some of them describe a sensation where they review everything that they have done”

However, Dr Parnia says there are scientific explanations for these reactions, and says seeing people is not evidence of the afterlife, but more likely the brain just scanning itself as a survival technique.

He said thanks to modern technology and science “death does not have to be limited to philosophy and religion, but it can be explored through science.”


  1. Jim


    The concept of “Life after Death” is a compelling and potentially controversial topic. If you are an intelligent thinker you should be comfortable with the discussion. Personally, the subject is very discouraging IF… you believe in nothing and that when we die it is simply “Lights Out”.  However, IF you believe in “Life after Death” you must find out IF we’re looking at an “Everyone goes to Heaven” idea OR a “Heaven or Hell” perspective. No matter what… it absolutely affects the way you live. IF there’s nothing after death, you would “Live for Today” and “Live for Yourself”.  IF there IS an afterlife and we ARE accountable for our lives… you would live with an eternal perspective and live a more selfless live here on earth.  Great, thought-provoking article… thanks!

    My KETO Lifestyle™

    1. Roger Humbke

      Hello Jim,

      I appreciate your thoughts on this subject They have me thinking from another perspective. Please contact me on WA. I would like to follow other articles you are writing.



  2. Naomi

    Interesting read for sure. Have always believed that death is simply part of life and not something to fear – have not spent much time pondering it though as am hopeful it is a long way off! 🙂

    1. Roger Humbke

      Hi Naomi, You have a great attitude. Everyone on earth can have a great learning experience where they can find love, follow their dreams, and actually create another life to watch over for around 18 years. What a miracle!

  3. Nadean

    I enjoyed the article and videos, although challenging for me to relate to as I’ve never had an out of body experience. I am definitely intrigued by the notion that my Mom will be there to welcome me to whatever comes next. I also expect that this subject will become increasingly relevant and of interest as I age and become more introspective.

    1. Roger Humbke

      Dear Nadean,

      Thanks for the comment. The more one learns about our physical body, our non-physical body, and the different consciousness, the more we understand and better prepare for our immortality. It is an interesting, engaging experience that you will never regret taking.



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