June 11, 2019 Meet-Up resulted in a vivid LUCID DREAM

The June 11 Meet-Up at Konrad’s place was sure worth attending as that night (early the next morning) I experienced my most vivid lucid dream.

In a dream, my wife and I were out on our home’s driveway observing a new family and a large moving van crew move all their belongings into the vacant house next door.

My wife remarked that the family must be well-off given their car and the care being given by the crew, when a tall, slender, well dressed mouse ran across the lawn and up my leg.

He settled on my shoulder right by my ear and before I could shake him off, he introduced himself in perfect English. When I asked him who he was and where he was from, he said “I came with my wife and 2 kids from London, Ontario. Its been a long trip and we are hiding in the sofa until we can get settled in the new home here”.

As soon as I heard him speak, I realized that I was truly having a lucid dream. It was a most pleasant experience as the mouse was so elegant, polite and willing to answer my questions.

The dream continued for a few minutes, before I more fully awoke and spent a half an hour contemplating the meaning and significance of my dream.

It is my belief that the Meet-Up the night before, during which the four participants shared previous dreams as well as experienced a short dream like trance as a result of Konrad’s shamanic 20 minute drumming session, played a big part in me having a lucid dream early the next morning.

Hopefully, it is the start of many lucid dreaming experiences.

Roger June 19, 2019


  1. Todd Matthews

    That sounds interesting and I’ve also spent time, sometimes even hours or entire days, contemplating my own dreams; vivid ones, too, that stick with you for a while. My dreams tend to be recurring. For instance, I’m with a small group in this underground type of maze and we’re continually working together to reach the surface once more. In this maze, there are numerous obstacles, and some are human while others are more beastlike in nature. Despite struggles, we win and with each new recurring dream of this element, there’s a new obstacle within the same bunker.

    Another one I  have involves me facing a long, empty road with nothing but fields and farms on either side of me. However, I can see lights of civilization on one side, in the far distance. It’s always night, and never day. Sometimes I’m walking this road before friends join me while other times, I get a lift from a familiar face passing by. 

    For me, they both point to a few things. Underground, night, obstacles, long road. Road to success, facing obstacles. For me and my own ambitions, these dreams make sense. 

    1. Roger Humbke

      Hi Todd,

      Thanks for sharing. Recurring dreams seem to signify more importance and deserve deeper contemplation. 

      Regards, Roger

  2. Matt's Mom

    That was some dream, and I do believe that the meet-up you had was the result of your dream.  What a strange one if I might say, but sounds like it was very vivid.  And I am a firm believer that our dreams do tell us something.  They have meaning behind them.  I can’t think of what it might be, but if the mouse was well spoken then that might say a lot about the new neighbors 🙂


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