LUCIDIMINE – A Dietary Supplement that enhances Lucid Dreaming

LUCIDIMINE - A Lucid Dream Enhancer

LUCIDIMINE – The Product

In Oct., 2018 we purchased a bottle of Lucidimine from, USA and received it within a week and a half in Edmonton, Alberta. The cost ended up being $47 Canadian.

This dietary supplement is manufactured for Luciminal LLC Oakland, California <>. One bottle consists of 30 capsules each containing.

6mg – Galantamine

50mg- Alpha-GPC

50mg – CDP Choline

100mg – Choline Bitartrate

200mg – L-Theanine

Stated uses are: 1. support the Wake-Back-To-Bed technique for Lucid Dreaming

2. daytime cognitive support use 30 minutes prior to event.




Derek Lee (MA in Developmental Psychology from San Francisco State University) is the founder of the Company (Luciminal LLC 2013) whose stated purpose is:

“Luciminal Nootropics is a cognitive-enhancement start-up offering formulations of nutritional supplements with evidenced-based performance augmentation on mental tasks. Nootropics, or smart-drugs, are rapidly becoming noticed by those seeking peek performance for both the body and mind. Our goal is to make nootropic supplementation as common-place as “energy drinks.”Unlike traditional mental enhancers (caffeine, amphetamines, etc.), most nootropic supplements appear to support the brain by making it healthier over time.”

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LUCIDIMINE – The Website

Derek is the CEO of Feb. 2012. is working to become the premier source for accurate knowledge on the biological/evolutionary function of dreaming and how the dream-generation-system can be “hacked” and used as a form of incredible entertainment and therapy. Personal development does not have to be limited to your waking life.


Dreaming has been a mysterious corner of life, rarely discussed in modern culture – this is likely due to the bizarre and largely uncomfortable nature of dreaming itself. Many people likely assume that their dreams reflect something being “wrong with them,” not realizing that dreams are very generic, and have always been limited to a small selection of themes regardless of culture or history.

Now that we know what dreaming was adapted for in evolutionary terms (come to and find out), we can move beyond our archaic patterns and develop new ways to adventure and heal at night

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LUCIDIMINE – The 1st Use Oct. 10. 2018 

After awaking early on Oct 10, 2018, I took one capsule of Lucidimine and went back to bed at 12:30 PM. Was asleep by 1PM and slept for 3 hours during which I had very vivid, unique dreams. On a scale of 1 to 5 for lucidity the dreams were level 1 (aware I was dreaming, but only as an observer and no control). I have yet to be able to fully control a dream or push a finger through the palm of my hand, but feel I am definitely getting closer.

I am 75 years old and still working on gaining a stronger intention and expectation to control lucid dreams and beyond. A strong ego and a history of academic scepticism are two challenges my belief system faces.

My experience with Lucidimine has been about as positive as I expected which is a big plus in my mind. The founder and Luciminal company provide a background of knowledge and experience that can create a trust environment in which individuals can reach their lucid dreaming goals.

My second use of Lucidimine will take place in 5 days.

Roger Humbke


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