How do Dead Relatives Influence their Living Relatives?


  1. Taetske Guillaume

    Good afternoon Roger,

    An interesting video. When I went for the first time to an anti-aging doctor he ordered a lot of special tests made so he could have a better understanding of my biological makeup. There was a test checking my DNA inheritance and he told me I had a good one. It is nice to starts ones life with a good inheritance if then one keeps a decent lifestyle and tries to eat the right foods one can make it to a nice old age without getting nasty ailments. I am 67 now and am happy with good health. In this video, it went a step further talking not only about a good DNA but also getting some character traits from your ancestors. I am quite fearless, now I understand that must have come from my grandparents who emigrated to Indonesia as Protestant missionaries. My grandmother sitting in the jungle giving birth to 8 children while grandfather was preaching to the Batak tribe, cannibals they were. Amazing the things science is discovering, very interesting I must say.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Roger Humbke

      Hi Taetske,

      When I understood what my greatgrandparents and grandparents went through when they homesteaded in Western USA and Canada, I realized that I to had their drive to explore the unkown and risk all for a better, freer life.

    2. Roger Humbke

      Hi Taetske,

      Just saw your response 8 months after you sent it and must comment. You are absolutely right, I have at least 8 generations of peasant farmers back in Germany and 3 in North America. As the oldest boy of 5 I left the farm for a professional life in urban center as a teacher administrator. As soon as I made enough money I would leave teaching and follow my passion to be my own boss. It seemed I was still entrepreneurial, only in business not farming. One brother did remain an employee all his life but the other 3 started as employes and become independent contractors. The one who did stay an employee had the biggest garden among his neighbors in the city.

      I am enjoying the ebook on alzheimer’s and big pharmacy. Very eye opening.

      Best regards,


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